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Welcome to ACG

Our team at ACG is vibrant, highly adaptable and engaging. We work together to create innovative ideas that will assist you to solve problems, whether it be on a community or business level. 

Our staff are selected for their attention to detail, who add value and vision to the team, without compromising on quality.


Our Expertise

ACG has two strong beliefs of being dynamic and innovative. We develop customised software solutions that will benefit and add value to your business. 


We are an aspiring company with creative ideas waiting to be utilised. Moreover, with our positive attitude and strong energy, we will be able to deliver the best possible outcomes. 


At ACG we are imaginative and flexible. We believe that there can't be one solution for all problems, which is why our team of talented individuals have been trained to manage all problems with creativity. 

Proactive support

Our customers will have exclusive access to the ACG community forum board for additional assistance, and alongside this will be free online documentation. 



  • Award winning team +

    We have won awards for innovation with the solutions we have created.
  • Customers are our focus +

    Customers are our main focus, as well as solving the problem that you have.
  • P, D, C, A +

    We Plan, We Do, We Check, We Act.
  • World class Support +

    Community forum support as well as publicly available online documentation, to assist and guide.
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